Anthony van der Meer

Academy Associate
Associates are experts in their own field and contractually affiliated with Clingendael. Although associates are not employees of the Clingendael Institute, they comply with all policies that Clingendael staff do.


  • Cyber Security

Anthony van der Meer is an Academy Associate at the Clingendael Insitute, focusing on the cyber domain. His expertise originates from a mix of independent investigative journalism, his work as an OSINT investigator, and cybersecurity research, disciplines he has consistently developed and deepened since 2015 

In his documentary work, Anthony employs a unique methodology to delve into the obscured facets of the digital realm. This involves penetrating the networks of cybercriminals and leveraging their own techniques to reveal their operations. His hands-on investigative work has resulted in a number of documentaries and a TV show. These works have helped to increase public awareness about cyber threats and the risks present in the digital world. 

In his capacity as a trainer at the Clingendael Institute, Anthony shares his in-depth understanding of cybercrime and cyber operations. He provides comprehensive training on a variety of topics, including the cyber risk landscape and the strategies employed by state actors in the digital sphere. 

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