Iran and the Greater Middle East by 2020

18 May 2013 - 15:51

Regina Joseph explores four futures for Iran and its regional neighbors in this Clingendael Futures scenario presentation.

Clingendael Futures aims to develop next-generation research paths by giving policy-makers-whether in government or the private sector-information organized in more immediate and actionable packages. IRAN 2020: A FUTURES STUDY ON IRAN AND THE GREATER MIDDLE EAST represents Clingendael Futures' first public release.

The IRAN 2020 document is the visual summary of futures research conducted on Iran & the greater Middle East on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the Ministry of Defense of the Netherlands; it is the public version of the total research output-designed as an at-a-glance guide for time-crunched policy-makers. In addition to Clingendael Futures' in-house research, external experts were assembled during March 2013 to exchange information and generate data, which was then processed by Clingendael Futures to produce the following scenarios.

These scenarios constitute part of Clingendael Futures' unique research development process: they are one facet of a series of deliverables and dialogues with research clients in which each scenario is fully elucidated. This process was designed by Clingendael Futures as a way of working around the greatest challenge to policy-makers: the need to make informed decisions in quickly changing environments in spite of increasingly onerous piles of must-reads and budget cuts. Information overload and the consequent imbalance between signal and noise require new and cost-effective ways of thinking and presenting research.

If you are interested in further information on this project, or wish to work with Clingendael Futures, please contact:


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