Conflict and Fragility


New challenges to Israel’s strategies of control

02 Jun 2021 - 18:00
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Beyond Sheikh Jarrah

Preventing a repeat of recent violence requires EU countries to put greater pressure on Israel – based on international law – to ensure equal rights for all its citizens and residents, as well as to accept Palestinian sovereignty. From an outside viewpoint, Israel and Palestine bring to mind the tale of the frog being boiled alive. Israel is a securitised society whose democratic values and morality apply only to its in-group of Israeli Jews. Palestinians live in a second-class, besieged or occupied society. Both risk ‘boiling’ in cycles of repression, violence and victimhood. But their own experiences differ starkly. While Palestinians have largely been forced into the hot water and know they are in a cul-de-sac of discrimination and repression, the water is only lukewarm for Israel due to its dominance of the conflict. The recent violence, however, points to several factors that risk raising the water temperature for Israel.

What happened, what are the trends leading to the crisis and what now?

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