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Intercultural training for officials engaging with the Dutch Caribbean
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Intercultural competences are vital when working as a Dutch government official with the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

It is essential to be aware of your own cultural lens and how it influences interactions and communication to navigate successfully between these diverse cultural contexts. The PACIS Model of Intercultural Competence serves as the core framework for all our intercultural communication training programmes. It guides participants in improving their cultural awareness, introducing them to behavioural pitfalls, scientifically researched cultural clusters, and processes of interaction, ultimately enhancing communication across diverse cultural contexts. 


The crucial role of intercultural competence

The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises four countries and three public bodies, each with incredibly diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultures distinct from those in the Netherlands. Being pluricultural communities shaped by history, migration, geographical spreading, ethnic diversity, and religious beliefs, developing intercultural sensitivity is crucial for Dutch officials working with this part of the Kingdom.  

To address this need, Clingendael Academy has delivered tailor-made trainings to Dutch officials that work with the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. These programmes cater to various participants, from newly onboarded officials to experienced staff from different subject departments within the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands. Our emphasis lies in aligning the programme with the specific learning objectives of each participant 


A pluricultural perspective 

To ensure the training's relevance to the Caribbean context, we collaborate with Dr. Jurenne Hooi, an independent governance and inclusion trainer and expert with extensive experience in debt relief and poverty reduction. Dr. Hooi's professional and personal background, born and raised in Curaçao before starting her academic career in The Netherlands, provides a unique cultural perspective that is crucial when dedicating a training to these pluricultural contexts. During the training, she delves into relevant intercultural cases from her work practice. Furthermore, Dr. Hooi explains the historical context of the relationship between the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Kingdom, helping participants understand how the past continues to influence present-day relations.


Positive feedback and increased cultural awareness

Feedback from Dutch officials who completed the Intercultural Communication training has been positive. They reported increased cultural awareness as a result of the course, with one individual specifically appreciating the connection between intercultural theory and practical examples shared by Dr. Hooi, which they found insightful for their work. Clingendael Academy takes pride in our collaboration with the Directorate of Kingdom Affairs, in training numerous Dutch government officials in developing their intercultural competences and look forward to future training programmes.


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