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Effective navigation between different cultural contexts
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Intercultural communication has become an increasingly relevant subject in recent years, partly due to growing globalisation and migration. This means the environment in which we work and live is becoming increasingly diverse. This can enrich society, communication and interaction, but can sometimes also reveal contrasting expectations and lead to miscommunication or even conflict. Whether you are a diplomat, entrepreneur, teacher or soldier, the aim is to navigate as effectively as possible within this intercultural reality. Hence there is an increased need for knowledge and improved skills. Clingendael Academy helps professionals to develop these intercultural competences, so that they can cooperate effectively and sensitively across cultural borders.

A new training approach with the PACIS model

Clingendael Academy has devised a new training approach by drawing on its decades of practical experience of intercultural communication, combined with its in-house academic knowledge of the subject. The PACIS model for intercultural capacity facilitates a non-essentialist approach to intercultural issues. With this model we offer an integral method to deepen or broaden knowledge and skills in the field of intercultural communication. Participants in our training courses are given tools and insights that help them successfully navigate within different cultural contexts.

Download our guide: The PACIS-model Effective navigation between different cultural contexts.

PACIS model

Alumni stories

Six months after the course our trainers talked extensively to a few alumni how they applied their new intercultural skills in practice.


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