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What will US-Chinese competition mean for European security?
10 Sep 2020 15:30 - 16:30
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The webinar will be streamed live on YouTube.

Views from Europe, the US and Russia

The changing geopolitical environment, characterised by increased US unilateralism, Chinese assertiveness and growing Sino -American rivalry, also has far-reaching consequences for security on, and around, the European continent. At the same time international security cooperation has been steadily eroding, as demonstrated by the paralysis of multilateral security arrangements, disputes within NATO and the collapse of arms control treaties, like INF and Open Skies. Both the European Union and the Russian Federation have to adjust to this new reality.

Does it open up new avenues for co-operation or will the deadlock of recent years deepen into further confrontation?

The Clingendael Institute is pleased to organise a webinar to discuss these and other developments in the field of European security, bringing together an American, Russian and European perspective. 


Clingendael moderator Bob Deen (Senior Research Fellow and Co-ordinator of the Clingendael Russia and Eastern Europe Centre) will moderate a conversation with renowned security experts:

  • Heather A. Conley (Senior Vice President for Europe, Eurasia and the Arctic for the Center for Strategic and International Studies)
  • Prof. Andrey Kortunov (Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council)
  • Dick Zandee (Senior Research Fellow and Head of the Clingendael Security Unit).

Key questions to be addressed include:

  • How will security on the European continent be affected by  growing geopolitical tensions between the US and China for the security of the European continent? As Europe increasingly has to fend for itself and strengthen its own security and defence co-operation, how will this impact its relations with the Russian Federation? And what does it mean for Moscow?
  • Are there possibilities for co-operation between Russia and Europe on security issues in order to manage the instability around the European continent? Or will Europe and Russia be forced to choose sides between the US and China?
  • Can nuclear and conventional arms control regimes evolve to adjust to the emerging multipolarity in security politics, or are they doomed to disappear?

Clingendael Russia & Eastern Europe Centre (CREEC)

This webinar is the fourth in a series hosted by the new Clingendael Russia & Eastern Europe Centre (CREEC). The CREEC is the Clingendael Institute’s home for insights and analysis on Russia and Eastern Europe and aims to increase knowledge about Russia and Eastern Europe among Dutch government agencies, businesses and the broader public.