Dutch civil servants visit the 'Brussels Bubble'
19 Dec 2022 - 11:35
Source: Clingendael

This fall, a group of Dutch civil servants had the opportunity to catch a glimpse into the ‘Brussels Bubble’ during the annual alumni trip for the course Inzicht in Europa (Insight into Europe). This was the first time the trip was organised since 2018, and we made sure the programme fit expectations.

Participants held working visits at the European Parliament (MEP Sophie in’t veld), the European Commission (Jori Keijsper), and the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU. What came up? Open and frank discussions about the big political ambitions on the future of the EU, and how the different institutions and member states look at it, deep dives into specific legislative files like the Green Deal and digitalisation, and especially lots of special anecdotes about how things really take place behind the scenes in Brussels. The trip was a success for which we also thank the office of Sophie in’t Veld, the European Commission, and the highly engaged Dutch Permanent Representation. 

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