Training on High-level Negotiations and NATO decision-making
30 Oct 2020 - 09:31
Source: Clingendael

As part of our long-standing cooperation with the Defence Institution Building School, DIBS, in Georgia, Clingendael Academy digitally hosted a group of twelve professionals from the Georgian security sector in a training programme on High-Level Negotiations and NATO Decision-Making. Together with former ambassadors and representatives to NATO and our own negotiation-trainers the group delved into negotiation theory and practice, culminating in a three-day simulation exercise.

The participants assumed the roles of Secretary-General, Chair of the Military Committee and multiple NATO Member States in a fictitious crisis setting. Here, they were able to explore their personal negotiation styles, apply lessons-learned about NATO decision-making and gain insights into the realities on online negotiating. On the last day, the group reflected on the outcomes of their negotiations with a former ambassador to NATO and critically discussed developments in the North Atlantic Council.

The training course is part of the Substantial NATO Georgia Package: a set of capacity building measures aimed at strengthening Georgia’s defense capabilities and advancing preparations towards NATO membership.

This training represents another highlight in the ongoing cooperation between Clingendael and DIBS, which is set to continue until November 2021.