Clingendael Academy returns to Abuja for negotiations training
17 Apr 2019 - 14:40
Bron: Clingendael

After one year, Clingendael’s negotiation trainers returned to Abuja last week to deliver another training on negotiation skills for humanitarian aid workers working in the North-East. This time, we worked closely together with the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA): an alliance made up of 16 humanitarian organisations with offices in The Netherlands. The DRA is working together to coordinate humanitarian assistance in Maiduguri, the North-East of Nigeria. As part of the localisation of aid efforts, some organisations that paired up with local ngo’s ensured that they sent representatives too. One representative of the National Emergency Management Agency, which is a governmental organisation, added an interesting perspective on emergency response management to the group.

Humanitarian aid workers in Maiduguri negotiate with a multitude of counterparts in their day-to-day work, varying from donors, local authorities, suppliers, government and oftentimes, the military. The wide range of simulations that form the core of the training formed the perfect occasion for the participants to apply their newly acquired tools and techniques to realistic scenarios.

The training was well-received by all participant who extended warm invitation to Clingendael Academy to come back soon. Whilst we hope we can, our next stop is Erbil, Iraq where we will also work with the Dutch Relief Alliance. Check our website for the entire annual schedule.