Negotiation training in Djibouti for humanitarian aid workers
12 Jul 2019 - 08:46
Bron: Clingendael Institute

In mid-June aid workers from various humanitarian organisations attended the three day course on negotiation skills hosted in Djibouti.

The participants worked in Yemen, Somalia and Ethiopia, and were familiar with the long and complicated process of negotiating access to conflict zones in which various groups fight for control.

Alongside the practical application of Clingendael Academy’s models, the participants also reflected on the different levels of response they often face, be that at the highest levels of the UN down to local ngo’s involved in direct aid provision for vulnerable populations in their direct environment.

The participants also all reflected on the benefits of working in effective negotiation teams, and expressed the hope for Clingendael to deliver more training in their respective areas.

“One of the best training that I have participated in. Best objectives and clear structures.

“I have strongly recommended this course to senior managers through email and the issue is under discussion.”

For more training opportunities, check our training page or get in touch with one of the trainers.