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24 Jun 2024 - 05:20
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What is the Dutch population’s view of developments abroad and in Europe? And what do Dutch people think of and expect from our foreign policy?

The public debate and policy benefit from quantitative data on this. That is why Clingendael, together with the research institute Kieskompas, developed the 'Foreign Affairs Barometer'. In this opinion research, we regularly poll as many as 23,000 Dutch citizens to find out how they view international developments and the Netherlands’ foreign policy. On this page you will find the results grouped by theme.

From September 2020 we will publish results:

Barometer calendar   

"What do you think: are the Russians coming?"


Transatlantic ties and European security cooperation   

Climate (Dutch version)


Polarisation of attitudes towards Russia in the Netherlands

Concerns about foreign interference

The Dutch view of Russia is tilting and is less polarized (Dutch version)

China, Netherlands and technology

From Russia shock to Hamas shock

Threat hierarchy Dutch people (Dutch version)



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Foreign Affairs Barometer

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