Understanding the influence of Culture on Communication dynamics
15 Sep 2020 - 16:23
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After months of only online training, we were finally able to welcome a group of eight skilled professionals physically at the institute to participate in the fall 2020 edition of the course on Intercultural Communication. Unfortunately, it was of course not feasible for our international participants to travel to The Hague. We therefore offered the first fully online four-day training course for these individuals, who followed the course from all around the globe such as Italy, Greece, Czech Republic and The United States. Both the online as well as the traditional physical edition aimed to realize the following learning goals;

  • Learning to recognize and avoid the common pitfalls in intercultural interactions,
  • Becoming aware of the way culture is of influence on communication dynamics,
  • Understanding the Clingendael Cultural Clusters, the areas in which cultures correspond or differ from each other,
  • Grasping the processes of interaction and where in interaction culture may lead to assumptions and/or misunderstandings,
  • Developing the needed intercultural communication skillset to become a successful communicator.

Upon completing the course, one of the participants remarked;

"Inspiring days at the Clingendael Institute and grateful for taking the Intercultural Communication course in order to improve my intercultural knowledge, awareness and skill-set’’

It proved to be a successful formula to offer two parallel fall editions, which is why we are again offering the possibility to choose between a 2-day physical course or a 4-half-day online course in February 2021. For more information visit the course page