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Christmas Reads & Webinars 2020

15 Dec 2020 - 16:39
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Our experts have carried out state-of-the-art research and shared their expertise in lots of webinars. Take your pick of our most popular publications and webinars of 2020.

We wish you Happy Holidays!

Top 5 publications

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1. The culture & politics of the coronavirus 

Anyone who looks around the world and thinks through the long-term consequences of the crisis will be aware that coronavirus policy is culturally determined, involves key political choices, and that the crisis represents a defining moment for European politics.

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2. Dutch views on Transatlantic ties & European security cooperation in times of geopolitical rivalry

The Clingendael Foreign Affairs Barometer (a survey with over 23,000 people in the Netherlands) shows that traditional certainties regarding Dutch foreign policy and the transatlantic relationship are increasingly under pressure. Dutch public opinion appears to be clearly gravitating towards ‘more Europe’ and people are concerned about increasing geopolitical rivalry.

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3. Strategic Monitor 2019-2020: The Writing on the Wall 

This Strategic Monitor examines the structural long-term trends and current events that shape the global security environment and that influence Dutch national interests and values. 

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4. China's invloed op onderwijs in Nederland 

De politieke beïnvloeding door China in het hoger onderwijs en de wetenschap in Nederland heeft twee brede gevolgen: het leidt tot een aantasting van de Nederlandse kennispositie met betrekking tot China, en tot aantasting van de kwaliteit van onderzoek over China en van onderzoek op andere gebieden dat (deels) in of met China wordt uitgevoerd.

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5. Unpacking China's Digital Silk Road 

China's Digital Silk Road (the digital subset of China’s Belt and Road Initiative) poses economic, ethical and security challenges to Europe, even if it responds to real needs in the market. Read the report on the need for both offensive and defensive action.

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Top 5 Webinars 

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​​​​​​​1. Het is oorlog, maar niemand die het ziet met Huib Modderkolk

Krijg een inkijkje in de 'onzichtbare oorlog' in de digitale wereld. Wat betekent dit voor de veiligheid van onze samenleving die steeds meer vertrouwt op technologie? En hoe intervenieert de huidige coronacrisis met onze digitale veiligheid?


2. The impact of COVID-19 on Russia’s domestic politics and foreign policy with Mark Galeotti and Sabine Fisher

Back in May the Russian Federation had the third highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world. How is the Kremlin coping with one of the most difficult tests to Vladimir Putin’s presidency to date? 


3. COVID-19 als mondiale gezondheidsuitdaging met Sigrid Kaag en Feike Sijbesma

De COVID-19 pandemie heeft duidelijk gemaakt hoe afhankelijk Nederland is van de vraag of andere landen in staat zijn om infectieziekten zoals COVID-19 te bestrijden. Dit vraagt om internationale solidariteit.


4. Fireside chat on Brexit with Fintan O’Toole & Caroline de Gruyter

Even if a deal is reached there will be disruption, and the Netherlands and Ireland will be two of the most affected EU Member States due to their geographical closeness and market exposure to the United Kingdom. 


5. Russia and the politics of memory with Sergey Radchenko and Laura Starink

Remembrance of the war and the communist past varies greatly across Eastern Europe. These conflicting historical narratives, sometimes known as ‘memory wars’, overlap with geopolitical divisions in Eastern Europe and exacerbate already existing tensions.

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