Expand your insight into the EU at Clingendael Academy in 2023
25 Jan 2023 - 17:00
Bron: Canva

In 2022, Clingendael Academy has provided dozens of in-depth trainings on the European Union to hundreds of professionals, both from the Netherlands and far beyond. 2023 offers you the chance to learn all you need to know about the EU and the practical skills to navigate the Brussels Bubble, by taking part in one of our many EU-trainings.

From the broad implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the energy crisis, the political intrigue and alliances between the various capitals and institutions, to the technicalities of comitology and effective interest representation in ‘Brussels’. Clingendael Academy looks forward to providing you with all the ins-and-outs.

Are you a Dutch civil servant seeking to learn about the EU? Then, take part in one of our popular four-day Insight into Europe trainings. The trainings are fully booked until the Summer of 2023, but in the Fall, we offer two more training editions. Unable to wait until then? Then reach out to us for more information about our Insight into Europe trainings. These are excellent for teams or departments looking to increase their knowledge on EU decision-making on files relevant to their organisation or who want to develop skills to apply in their daily work with ‘Brussels’.

Already have (basic) existing knowledge of EU-decision-making? Dutch-speaking policy officers, but also NGO workers, business professionals and members of academia, benefit from taking part in our March EU Masterclass. This acclaimed two-day course provides you with detailed knowledge on EU decision-making, current trends and future developments, as well as the skills for effective EU positioning.

For international professionals we equally offer a wide range of services. We organise an online course on Third Country Engagement. But did you know we also offer a wide-range of tailored EU-trainings relevant to your own organisation? In 2022 we provided trainings to many different organisations, active in fields such as digital consulting and digital healthcare, but also for the EU advisors to the Dutch Parliament.

We also prepared Czech and Swedish diplomats and civil servants in the run-up to their Presidency of the Council of the EU. And we trained diplomats from many regions, including Eastern Europe, Southern Africa and the Gulf states, on topics from EU accession and international trade to negotiation and lobbying skills.

For the coming year, we again have tailored programmes like these planned. Additionally, we organise a range of new EU training programmes, such as a decision-making training for Dutch civil servants of local governments, as well as various EU advocacy and stakeholder analysis trainings.

Of course, in 2023, our core EU trainings remain those we provide to diplomats from all over the world. Think of the European Diplomatic Programme, or the dozens of bilateral trainings we provide. In training others we gain new insights and stories from the heart of Brussels. We in turn translate these into a unique interactive learning experience in all of our training programmes.

Watch the video about our various EU-trainings below.



Are you excited to learn all you need to know about the EU? Scroll down for one of our trainings. And if you have any questions or are interested in a tailormade training for your organisation, reach out to one of our EU-trainers at the Clingendael Academy. See contacts. We look forward to welcoming you in 2023 at Clingendael!