Adája Stoetman

Research Fellow


  • Security and Defence
  • Strategic Foresight
  • International security


  • Americas
  • Europe

Adája Stoetman is a research fellow at Clingendael's Security Unit. She is both part of the Security & Defence team as well as the Strategic Foresight team. In her research Adája focuses primarily on European security and defence issues, including European defence cooperation and NATO. On behalf of Clingendael, Adája forms a part of the Dutch ‘Analyst network on national security’, for which she participates in horizonscanning, scenario exercises and risk analyses. In addition to her focus on European and national security issues, Adája also has an interest in the political and security developments in Latin America, in particular Venezuela and Colombia, and how this affects the security of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Adája holds a BA in International Relations and International Organizations from the University of Groningen and graduated Cum Laude with an MSc in Public Administration: International and European Governance from Leiden University. Prior to joining the Clingendael Institute fulltime, Adája did an internship at the Dutch Advisory Council on International Affairs, with the peace and security committee and the human rights committee. She also interned at the Security & Defence department of Clingendael's research unit.

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