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Geopolitics and economic vulnerability

06 Nov 2015 - 11:45
Source: Caribb / Flickr / cc / KLM's 747 Combi - Cargo door / 2007

The Netherlands Institute for International Relations ‘Clingendael’ has published a new in-depth study of the Clingendael Monitor 2015: Geopolitics and economic vulnerability.

For its economic prosperity the Netherlands is very dependent on its international environment, and is therefore not immune to external events and developments. As the annual review of the 2015 Clingendael Monitor, ‘A world without order?’ revealed, today’s international relations are characterised by two important trends, i.e. the changing global balance of power and mounting tensions between superpowers. In light of the global interconnectedness of the Dutch economy, the question arises as to what these geopolitical developments (could) mean for the economic position of the Netherlands.

This study is part of the Clingendael Monitor 2015, which is published yearly as part of the Strategic Monitor of the Dutch government.