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Monitor 2016: Great powers and global stability

24 Jun 2016 - 22:21
Source: Studio Oostrum The Hague

The Clingendael Monitor 2016 is available in English and Dutch.

Today the Clingendael Institute presents its Monitor 2016 in presscentre Nieuwspoort (The Hague). Since 2012 Clingendael yearly publishes the monitor as part of the Strategic Monitor (Strategische Monitor) of the Netherlands government.

You can also view the animation:

In its Monitor 2016 Clingendael focuses on the importance of cooperation between the great powers in order to achieve global stability. Cooperation between the US and the EU has become less paramount, while relations between the US and China are decisive for the future world order.

According to the authors, tension, instability and conflict in three ‘hot spots’ (East / South East Asia, Eastern Europe and the MENA region) not only form a threat to countries in those regions, but are also the principal stage on which great powers can create conflict or achieve cooperation. Increasing tension between the great powers does not prevent these same powers from  cooperating in certain fields. Because of the large interdependency, especially in economic terms, a forming of blocs of power does not occur.