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Christmas Reads 2023

20 Dec 2023 - 12:30
Source: Christmas Reads 2023 Clingendael
Looking back on the eventful year of 2023 with Clingendael’s publications

As 2023 draws to a close, take a moment to reflect on the year with us. Be sure to (re)read some of Clingendael's popular publications and revisit the panels and debates of Clingendael's annual State of the Union Conference.


Popular publications 2023


Expert insights: the Dutch elections

To help you better understand the Dutch elections, the outcome, and the aftermath, we created a compilation of our experts' insights into the events.

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Expert insights: Israël-Hamas war

To navigate through the latest news and place the events in Gaza in a broader perspective, we created a compilation of our latest publications, videos and 'in the media' expert comments.

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Russian influence in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro: Little substance, considerable impact

This Clingendael report by Wouter Zweers, Niels Drost, and Baptiste Henry examines Russia’s objectives in its relations with Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the various sources of influence the Kremlin holds in each of the three countries. The report places this analysis within the changed geopolitical circumstances resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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After Putin: the Deluge? Foresight on the possible futures of the Russian Federation

How the war in Ukraine ends will be an important factor that shapes the future of the Russian Federation. To help policymakers prepare for what might lie ahead, in this report Bob Deen and Niels Drost map out 6 possible scenarios for the future of Russia.

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Kleptocracy versus Democracy: How security-business networks hold hostage Sudan’s private sector and the democratic transition

Throughout Sudan’s history, key security actors have shaped the distribution of power and wealth, effectively consolidating both in the hands of their loyal supporters and business partners. The war that continues to rage in Sudan has a disastrous impact on the economy, and the financial resources required for reconstruction will be immense. This report by Guido Lanfranchi and Anette Hoffmann provides solutions to move towards the end of the war. 

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Dutch publications


Dealen met Rwanda: Dilemma’s bij bescherming van vluchtelingen in derde landen

Het debat over deze vergaande vormen van migratiesamenwerking met Rwanda staat in Nederland nog maar aan het begin, en moet fundamenteel worden gevoerd. Met aandacht voor de ethische en juridische aspecten, en met kennis van Rwanda en de internationale aspecten. Met deze alert geschreven door Monika Sie Dhian Ho en Francesco Mascini wil Clingendael een bijdrage leveren aan dat debat.

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Overheid en bedrijven: Werk samen in de trio-transitie van geopolitiek, verduurzaming en digitalisering!

Nederland en de EU staan voor grote maatschappelijke uitdagingen die van invloed zijn op de internationale economische betrekkingen. Kennisoverdracht over groene, digitale en geopolitieke transities tussen bedrijven en de overheid is nodig, schrijven Rem Korteweg, Maaike Okano-Heijmans en Diederick van Wijk.

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Revisit the Clingendael State of the Union Conference 

On 9 November, the annual State of the Union Conference took place at Clingendael. It was a full day of keynotes and panels discussing how Europe should chart a new course to promote its security, prosperity, and stability. We were delighted to have the Dutch outgoing Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren, Swedish Minister for Defence Pål Jonson, and Robert Serry, former UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process as keynote speakers. Stay tuned for next year's edition.

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